Violence and suicide attempt in migrant “camp”

Violence and suicide attempt in migrant “camp”

Athens, December 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Olga Mavrou

Moroccan migrants attacked and tried to rob other migrants in the stadium of Athens  where about 2000 migrants and asylum seeking refugees were driven from Eidomeni two days ago. Police intervened and the fight ended, and 10 Moroccans were arrested –they  will be either deported or put on trial in Greece.  One Moroccan tried to end his life because he though his mobile phone and a 30 euro ticket was stolen from him. The situation in the “camps” where migrants are gathered is tense and one of the main problems are the  poor standards of hygiene.  Violence is also a part of the daily life there.

There were also serious damages done in the  facilities of the stadium at Faliro and at the athletic center of Elliniko.

Mayors and local authorities are asking the government to come up with more viable solutions then keeping refugees in stadiums and  athletic centers

Alternate Minister of Citizen Protection (political head of the police) Mr. Nikos Toskas said “police is doing the best they can, everybody does his best since this problem surpasses the capacities not only of Greece, but of Europe as a whole, we are challenged and we have to address it in a humanitarian way, and also in a realistic base.  We can’t keep providing hospitality to  a flow that our country an our economy can not sustain”