Victory and defeat as consolation

Victory and defeat as consolation

Erol Rizaov

There is nothing easier than declaring victory before elections. Especially in unfinished elections when there is a second round. It is crucial for the participants in the contest and party leaders to show the public the most important part of the campaign that the opponent is defeated. To encourage their supporters and the undecided who are the largest “party” to join the winner on time, to be part of the triumph.
That’s why two, sometimes three or more political parties are going to declare victory. This is the case with the first round of North Macedonian presidential elections. One counted the votes, the other municipalities, the third counted members of the nations who gave their vote, the four were waiting to ambush and hunt freely in the second round. Everyone is happy with the great, though unfinished victory. All in all, an unprecedented public hypocrisy, of the great happiness that victory and defeat are portrayed as forgiveness of sins, robbery, crimes, and a decade-long tyranny as a mass consolation for sinners. In fact, it is about concealing panic and fear of political leaders from the end result that is uncertain. As if the people forgives everything to the former rulers, all the torments and sufferings. All of the misdeeds and misfortune, which are so great that even Pope Francis would not forgive them with a public confession on the Skopje square with paid indulgences, are already forgotten.

Ljubomir Frchkoski says Macedonians are like fish, they have short memory span of three seconds and forget immediately after, even when they have been victims of torture for a decade. There is a truth in that, but is it always so that we will see in the last election round. There are things that cannot and must not be forgotten.
VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski and presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, both before and after the first round, self-inaugurated themselves as president of the state, the mother of all citizens, who rides the wave of justice, but not everyone. When they say ustice for Macedonia, they first imply to freedom to the criminal top of the Gruevski regime, which is represents injustice for Siljanovska. Mickoski and Siljanovska these days are counting and painting Macedonian municipalities in the color red. They have disguised themselves and put the two-faced mask of the Roman god Janus, and from hardline patriots turned into democrats.

Now they are ready to compromise with the Albanians and all others on the same issues that until a few days ago were considered catastrophically dangerous for the survival of the Macedonian nation. They sent a smile to the depressed Social Democrats and to the disappointed Bolsheviks and the colorful revolutionaries. Now, that former gang and “sorosoids’ that have destroyed state property are suddenly good guys tricked by the unlawful and corrupt authority of Zoran Zaev and his cartel. The leaders of VMRO-DPMNE and Davkova will sign the Prespa Agreement with both hands, as well as the Law on Languages, ​​and everything that has not been signed by the incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov. They are ready to accept all the prerequisites of Brussels, together with North Macedonia, for starting the EU membership negotiations. What has been agreed will not be touched. There is no need to change anything. This is what we call a pragmatic battle for power.
Zoran Zaev and Stevo Pendarovski with the top of SDSM cannot yet come to themselves from the big “victory” with only half of the votes in the referendum who thought they were safe in the party vault. Someone seems to have often opened the vault secretly and wasted half of the votes. If you do not put something in the box office, while everyone spends a lot, very soon there will be nothing left.

As for the research on the disappointed Social Democrats, it is not difficult to find out. All who want Zoran Zaev to be like Nikola Gruevski are very disappointed and angry at the authorities. They did nothing, they are completely incapable, they did not kick out the VMRO-DPMNE members out of their jobs, they did not give jobs to their revolutionaries, did not capture the media, left MRT as a scarecrow of a public party service of the opposition paid from the state budget talk against the government, none of the main criminals are not in prison, they saved MPs who voted for constitutional changes for NATO and the EU, bought as the market the same transitional and party oligarchs that corrupt all party leaderships. There is nothing out of the determination of life for all, in this country there is life only for the VMRO-DPMNE people, even when they are opposition. This is the reason for the disappointed Social Democrats and the colorful revolutionaries. Accepting a retaliation policy and a firm hand is the most wrong thing that can be done at a price even if the election is lost. Zaev as Gruevski is the most terrifying projection of the futility of the collapse of the 11-years-long regime.
Before Zaev starts the government reshuffle, it would be probably best to first abolish the declared moratoriums that hinder the development of the country. There is no moratorium in law. Legal decisions of the previous government should be carried out, or if they are harmful by legal means to be canceled and the damages paid. The moratorium – to do nothing with things that have already been started – is the worst policy. Only governments with no self-confidence do that. We need to open a broad front for domestic, not just foreign investment. Foreign investments are significant, but the domestic ones are more important.
Does anyone ask what is happening in all municipalities, and those 56 that SDSM won in the last elections, but also the opposition and coalition partners? Apparently, not much is done there, but it is because of the incompetence of the mayors only, or both of the Government, that is, of the central government.
The punishment for signing the Prespa agreement with Greece, the agreement on good neighborly relations with Bulgaria and the law on languages ​​is calculated and accepted by the victim, but the other mistakes are a warning that is not calculated as a serious threat to lose power in a very delicate phase when they need to start accession negotiations with the EU.

And finally, experientially tested, the political struggle is not won only with becoming a member to the EU and NATO. More precisely, although historical achievements are not sufficient for electoral victories. One is history and the future, and another is present. SDSM loses the battle with those who conspire to amnesia, to forget the crimes of Nikola Gruevski and his regime. They did not oppose the energy and publicly supported the equalization of the regime of Gruevski and the family with the mistakes of the government over the past two years. The differences are immeasurable according to the gravity of the abuses and the consequences of Gruevism. The first words in the campaign of the great justice fighter Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova was an attempt to pardon and forget Gruevism by proclaiming “the more terrifying Zaevism”. The Social Democrats and the media accepted it as ridicule and political pragmatism. It’s scary and shameful to equate victims with their executioners.

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