Veropoulos supermarkets to Metro cash and carry

Veropoulos supermarkets to Metro cash and carry

Athens, January 22, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Olga Mavrou

By unanimous decision, the Greek Competition Commission approved the acquisition of “Veropoulos Bross SA”  by  “Metro SA” company, deciding that there is no serious concentration that might violate the laws concerning fair compeition.

Veropoulos was to be sold to another supermarket chain (Sklavenitis) but last October Sklavenitis changed his mind and Veropoulos started negotiating  (on November)  with Metro SA instead. Metro was interested in the considerable network of Verooulos (as did Sklavenitis), since Veropoulos had 184   distribution spots.

Metro was established in 1976  and it owns  110 stores -65 of them are supermarkets named  «My Market» and the rest, named «Metro Cash & Carry», are wholesale stores. Its turnover for 2014 was 697,34 million euros.