Verdict in “terrorism case” to be announced Thursday

Verdict in “terrorism case” to be announced Thursday

Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković said in Budva that he has faith in the political and personal maturity of political leaders of the Democratic Front and that he is not concerned about the events that will take place following the announcement of the court decision in the proceedings of attempted terrorism.

Asked by a journalist in Budva whether he expects the destabilisation of the country after the court’s decision publication scheduled for Thursday, the Prime Minister stated that this is impossible.

“It is impossible. Montenegro is not a country in which such conflicts are possible, not even on this occasion. Not only because Montenegro is a stable country in which the institutions function, in which each challenge can be institutionalised from the aspect of securing stability, security of individuals and the State, but because, regardless of the rhetoric we have heard and which is not pleasant, which seems confusing, I have faith in the responsibility of the political leaders of the Democratic Front”, said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

He added that the Democratic Front, as the strongest opposition political power in Montenegro, bears, along with the authorities, responsibility for order and stability.

“I understand that this process was exhausting, I heard that they expressed dissatisfaction with the content of this process, the alleged political pressure of the authorities on the judiciary, which is absolutely inaccurate, but I believe in their political responsibility, in their political and personal maturity and I am not worried about the events that will take place after the publication of the court’s decision”, the Prime Minister said.

He stated that any manifestation regarding the lack of respect for court decisions and disagreements with court proceedings is a pressure on the independence of the judiciary and its work.

Asked whether the level of preparedness of certain state services and the protection of top state officials was raised in connection with the decision of the court, the Prime Minister said that there is no state of emergency.

“We have no estimation that instability may occur in Montenegro, not even on this occasion. Therefore, the security services are performing regular activities, officials are doing their job with a security system that is acting in a regular manner, as you can see, as such, there is no state of emergency”, said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

The media announced that the Police Directorate (UP) stepped up the security of the special state prosecutor Saša Čađenović and gave a police escort to the judge of the High Court Suzana Mugoša.

The Council, chaired by Judge Mugoša, on May 9 should deliver the verdict in the case known as the “coup d’etat”, ie. Attempt of a terrorist act on the day of parliamentary elections on 16 November 2016./ibna