Venizelos: Obviously we will have supervision after the Memorandum

Venizelos: Obviously we will have supervision after the Memorandum


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The dangers posed to the economy if Greece is led to early elections highlighted once again Evangelos Venizelos, while at the same time admitted that a European country will have supervisory rules.

“Failing to elect the President of the Republic, the country will go to elections with hard dilemmas and even harshest situations. The electoral period lasts thirty days and everything that is said and done during that time affects the country and the economy”, he said yesterday evening, speaking at an event for the Democratic Side.

He reiterated that the country must go to the polls at the end of the four years, and that national time is required.

The Deputy Prime Minister, referring to the process of negotiating with the troika, talked about “a complex double negotiation” and admitted that there should be support from the partners for the next day.

He also added that the post-Memorandum era” must of course be accompanied by guarantees of financial stability, which should be linked to our own national reform plan that the society must believe in”.

He unleashed a harsh attack on SYRIZA saying – without naming the main opposition party’s name – that it “creates the preconditions for political instability and uncertainty, and especially hopes and prays that we fail as a country”. “They hope and pray to be proven right for blaming us because, we supposedly want to exit the Memorandum prematurely and that we are supposedly finally staying in the Memorandum, and tell lies to the people”, Venizelos said.

As for the future of the Democratic Side and PASOK, he argued that the role of the wider democratic party, the third pole is “to break the sterile bipolarity that leads nowhere” and that “we do not claim any role greater than the one the people entrust us”.

Referring to the revision of the Constitution, he noted that opens the debate for the electoral system. The electoral system must be altered to match the after-crisis political conditions that are in favor of political collaborations and not the absolute majority by one party, Venizelos stated.