Venizelos: We may take legal actions against Turkey

Venizelos: We may take legal actions against Turkey


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

With strong language and speaking of an “extreme, blatant and provocative stance” from Turkey spoke Foreign Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the House.

The deputy Prime Minister, in fact, left open the possibility of Greece and Cyprus to respond legally to Ankara’s provocations, which, as noted by Venizelos “violate the international legitimacy and demonstrates that it does not respect the international Law”.

At the same time, he fully supported the decisions of the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades for the interruption of the inter-communal talks, until the turkish provocation in Cypriot EEZ ceases, and expressed his dissatisfaction with the equidistance some countries kept, stressing that nothing justifies such a blatant violation of international Law and for reason this they must take a clear position.

“Our reaction is, so far, strong political, nut can also acquire legal characteristics”, said the deputy Prime Minister, while described the operative event for the problems the blatant violation of international Law by Turkey, adding that “Greece in all tones, has explained that neither the tripartite agreement between Greece – Cyprus – Egypt nor that between Greece – Cyprus – Israel are aggressive in nature”.

In addition, he fully aligned with the decision of President Anastasiades to discontinue the inter-communal talks, stressing that they cannot continue if Turkey refuses to recognise the actual legal situation in that island, as Cyprus is a member of the EU, UN and Eurozone and have international legal sovereignty with the legitimate elected government of Cyprus.

“When the joint communiqué of the inter-communal talks was agreed there had already been configured all data in relation to the EEZ and all intergovernmental agreements had already been concluded and signed. The Turkish side knew all the facts before the start of the inter-communal negotiations”, stressed the president of PASOK.

Venizelos also spoke of an “extreme provocative attitude by Turkey, which raised its capacity as a guarantor power, as it did with the invasion in Cyprus”.

“There is no dispute concerning the delimitation of the EEZ. There is no controversial area, even if one was to accept the brutal de facto divided solution imposed on the island. The Republic of Cyprus shall exercise all the legal rights under international rules and conventions”, Venizelos said.

He also rejected the allegations of the Turkish side on the exploitation of the mineral wealth at the expense of the Turkish Cypriot side, saying emphatically: “There is no real argument of Turkey, nor is there no need to worry about the mineral wealth, which will belong to the central government and will ensure the rights of both sides, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, in a manner not only equal, but also friendly to the Turkish Cypriot side, to allow their economic assimilation”.

Venizelos continued saying that the catalyst for Greek-Turkish relations is the positive solution of the Cyprus problem and added that “we never abandoned our firm position that the European perspective of Turkey depends on its resolution”.

Finally, the president of PASOK stressed the need to seek a national consensus, stressing that “the past teaches us that despite our disagreements there is stability and a broad consensus”, adding that “patriotism means knowing the history and the strengthening of national power”.