Vatican decrees the sanctification of Mother Teresa

Vatican decrees the sanctification of Mother Teresa

Tirana, 18 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Around 13 years after the beatification of Mother Teresa, the decision has come for her sanctification.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has made its final evaluation on the miracle attributed to Mother Teresa for fully healing believer from the dioceses of Santo in Sao Paolo in Brazil, suffering from a brain tumor, which was in an advanced stage.

Pope Francis announced yesterday that he has ratified the decree for declaring Mother Teresa a Saint, based on the case of the Brazilian believer.

A process was started and superintended by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, in order to collect evidence, proof and medical referrals.

The healed Brazilian is a devout believer of Mother Teresa and during his illness, he was entirely dedicated to praying to be saved by Mother Teresa.

The tumor, which was spread all through the brain, suddenly disappeared in an unexplained way and this was confirmed by the brain scan.

A healing which is impossible to be explained scientifically and which according to the healed person, is totally attributed to the miracle of Mother Teresa and his endless prayers to divine forces.

The exact date of the official ceremony for the Sanctification of Mother Teresa in the Vatican will be made public in the days to come, although it’s highly likely for this ceremony to take place on 4 September 2016, the Sunday before September 5, known as the date of her beatification by Pope John Paul II.

12 years have gone by since 2003, when Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa.

In front of thousands of believers and Albanians present in this event, the Pope pronounced the canonization formula of the Church which honored the Great Mother of all the poor of the world and lifted her up in the altar of Christendom: “By our Apostolic Authority, we accept Teresa of Calcutta to be beatified, every year, on the day of her birth, on 5 September”.

Mother Teresa, her true name was Gonxhe Bojaxhi, managed to see Albania after the overthrow of the communist regime. Tirana and Skopje have often argued about the fact that she was an Albanian, but who was born in Skopje. Mother Teresa lived in Calcutta, India and died at the age of 87. /ibna/