Van Rompuy-Rama: Political dialogue is needed, the status is closer

Van Rompuy-Rama: Political dialogue is needed, the status is closer

Brussels, September 17, 2013

Prime Minister Edi Rama had a meeting today with the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, at the end of which a press conference was delivered.

Van Rompuy said that during the meeting with the head of the Albanian government, he discussed with him about the governing coalition, its objective, economic issues and the challenges of the rule of law.

“We have seen the key reforms for the past 12 months and we appeal for them to be further consolidated and to show that there’s progress in the fight against corruption and organized crime. Concrete progress toward European Union depends on Albania and its progress with these reforms”, said Van Rompuy.

Rompuy also praised the contribution of Albania for the stability in the region, while supporting Rama’s ideas for good neighboring relations.

President of European Council said that he believed in the aspiration of a new Albania, encouraging political dialogue. He expressed his support in the path of integration, while stressing that the EU candidate status is closer and there’s no doubt that the future of Albania is in the European Union.

On his part, the head of the Albanian government talked about the electoral process, considering them as the elections that the citizens deserved.

He thanked Van Rompuy for the given support and thanked the high EU politicians, by stressing that the elections are no longer an obstacle for the EU candidate status of the country.

Prime Minister Rama ended his speech by assuring that the new government will work for a European Albania. /ibna/