USR MPs interrupt Iordache during press statement about explanations on emergency ordinance

USR MPs interrupt Iordache during press statement about explanations on emergency ordinance

Justice Minister Florin Iordache showed dissatisfaction on Wednesday for being criticized “for an essential issue of democracy – he laws are made by law-makers” and has tried to explain the government emergency ordinance issued Tuesday night. After reading the press statement, he left the room without answering the questions from the media.

Initially the minister left the place where the press statement was supposed to take place due to the silent protest carried out by USR MPs, bearing placards written ‘Shame’. He left the premises shouting “we are not in the street” to come back minutes later to another room.

“Problems need to be addressed very seriously, clear explanations should be made about last night, because in the public space untrue matters were rumoured. I come before you with this press release.

I mean the two bills aimed at eliminating possible sanctions from the ECHR (…) I started from some very clear conditions: those aimed at recovering the damages. Given the overcrowded prisons, I tell you that the draft bill does not aim to pardon criminals or rapists, the corrupt and is not aimed at any person or politicians. It is a bill to solve a situation currently in Romania.

In regard to the amendments to the draft emergency ordinance, all these amendments (…) I considered them opportune after consultations with the civil society, I’ve taken them into consideration and I come in front of you. I notice I am criticized for an essential issue in democracy, the laws are made to be adopted by parliament. We need a clear law, concise and to be easily applied,” Iordache said, according to

Other statements:

“The opinions launched without knowledge, saying that abuse of office is decriminalized are erroneous. There will be administrative and disciplinary sanctions.

Regarding the CSM opinion, it is only consultative. What greater emergency could it be rather than the uneven practice, different sentences for similar cases?

I considered it the duty of the government, as long as parliament has not met the constitutional obligations.

All those who protest have a constitutional right. The opportunity belongs to the minister, we have developed this ordinance based on the issue of opportunity.

The final word belongs to my parliamentary colleagues.”/IBNA