USAID: Report on the impact of NGOs in Kosovo

USAID: Report on the impact of NGOs in Kosovo

Pristina, August 8, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Non government organizations in Kosovo have little impact on the high profile political issues in Kosovo.

This was said during the presentation of the index of the sustainability of civil society organization by USAID. This report states for 2013, Kosovo has been rated with 3.9 points, in a scale from one to seven.

This report says that 2013 has registered new trends which lie in new streams of civil society. It was also said that citizens have continued to organize themselves and demand a more responsible, transparent and effective governing.

Based on this report, a number of organizations in cooperation with several civil movements, have had more impact on several public issues.

Some of the successes of the Civil Society Organizations also consisted on their involvement in the overthrow made by the Constitutional Court of several amendments of the bill on micro financial institutions, the bill on amnesty and the improvements in the anti-corruption legal framework.

Kushtrim Shaipi of the Sustainability Index said that this report puts Kosovo among those countries with a progressive sustainability.

Meanwhile, Sara Bachanan, head of the USAID Office for Democratization in Kosovo, said that NGOs play a key role in enriching democracy and according to her, there have been many changes since 1999.

The publication of this year’s index covers developments of civil society and the progress of civil society organizations in the index of 29 countries for 17 years. /ibna/