USAID project trains judges

USAID project  trains judges

Tirana, 11 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Through the Just program, USAID completed the process of the installation of the audio recording system for court sessions in 36 courts of the country.

The first stage of this process was the training of the court administration and judges, which was completed in the premises of the Supreme Court.

The use of this technology in the holding of court sessions, will help efficiency and functionality of the judicial administration, increase of access in the justice system, the evaluation of the work of judges, fight against corruption and growth of transparency.

Now, people who are interested on the minutes of court sessions, no longer receive printed documents, but a CD with the audio registration of the session.

The USAID’s project lasted three years and it trained 740 workers of the judicial administration and judges themselves. /ibna/