USA: The new government must fight corruption

USA: The new government must fight corruption

Pristina, December 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

United States of America have congratulated the new government of Kosovo by recommending it to strengthen institutional mechanisms for the fight against corruption.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry writes in his letter that “this governing coalition will demonstrate the vitality of democratic Kosovo and its political institutions”.

“We praise president Jahjaga for her leadership and for making sure that this transition is made in compliance with the laws and Constitution of Kosovo. We expect the government to work with all communities and to address issues of corruption”, said Kerry.

Meanwhile, US ambassador to Kosovo, Tracey Ann Jacobson has called on the new government to appoint people not based on their political affiliations, but their qualifications.

Jacobson has also referred to parliamentary sessions, where she said that she’s heard the opposition say that the government is corrupted, while those who are in government have said that they will fight corruption According to her, now is the time to see how this government will work.

“In the past few days, I’ve been in parliament and there, I’ve heard many speeches from the opposition, which has accused the government of corruption and where the government has said that it will fight corruption, but what we’re all interested to see in the days to come is how this government will appoint senior officials. I call upon the government to select the most qualified people and not select them based on their political affiliations”, said Jacobson.

Jacobson made these comments during the presentation of the USAID project “Strengthening of the private sector”. As far as this project is concerned, Jacobson said that small and medium sized enterprises are the main engine of economic growth and the creation of new jobs. /ibna/