USA-EU: Voting of the Special Tribunal is important for Kosovo’s reputation

USA-EU: Voting of the Special Tribunal is important for Kosovo’s reputation

Pristina, 4 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Many representatives of the international community have praised the decision of the parliament of Kosovo to give way to the creation of the Special Tribunal.

The head of the European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini declared that the voting of the Tribunal is a vital step in enabling the necessary legal framework to address the serious criminal allegations that appear in the Council of Europe report.


“Understanding the fact that this step undertaken by Kosovo’s Members of Parliament is not an easy one, it’s nonetheless a proof of responsibility and determination to reveal the truth and to take decisions which are in harmony with Kosovo’s European integration path”, the European diplomat says.

Mogherini said that the EU is committed in offering assistance in the process and in working with the parties involved to finalize the process of the creation of the necessary legal mechanisms in order to hold independent and fair trials.

Meanwhile, the new US ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, said that the decision helps Kosovo’s international position.


“I would like to congratulate Kosovo on adopting the amendment and bills enabling the creation of the Special Tribunal. This is important for its international position and rule of law”, Delawie said.

The head of the Special Investigative Task Force of the European Union, David Schwendiman, says that he’s “encouraged after the voting, as this brings Kosovo closer to trying the serious allegations that appear in the Council of Europe report of January 2011”.

Schwendiman has also invited all political players in this process to continue their efforts in order for this judicial mechanism to be functional as soon as possible.

Kosovo’s parliament voted in favor of the bills that enable the creation of the Special Tribunal, in order to investigate the allegations for war crimes in the 1999 conflict. The tribunal will be basued in the Hague, in Holland.

List of people who will be tried by the Tribunal

Meanwhile, quoting secure sources, the prominent journalist, Milaim Zeka has published today the names that will be tried by the Tribunal.

From the ranks of PDK

  1. Agim Çeku, former chief of the General Staff of KLA and former Prime Minister of Kosovo.
  2. Azem Syla, former KLA commander
  3. Hashim Thaci, head of the Political Office of KLA. Leader of PDK, former PM and current Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo.
  4. Kadri Veseli, former head of the National Informative Services of KLA, current Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo and deputy chair of PDK, the largest party in the country.
  5. Xhavit Haliti, former member of the General Staff of KLA, responsible for Albania and liaison officer of this organization with different international organizations. Current deputy speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo.
  6. Shaip Muja, former head of the health service at the General Staff of KLA, currently an independent MP in the Parliament of Kosovo.
  7. Ajvaz Berisha, commander of the KLA special units, professor of the Public University and currently a consul in Frankfurt.

From AAK:

  1. Daut Haradinaj, former commander of KLA, accused of war crimes after the war and convicted several years in prison. Currently an MP.
  2. Blerim Kuqi, former KLA commander, former mayor of Suhareka.
  3. Lahi Ibrahimaj, former member of KLA General Staff, accused by the Tribunal of Hague along with Ramush Haradinaj. Currently an MP.

From Self Determination:

  1. Rexhep Selimi, former member of the General Staff of KLA. Currently an MP.

From the Incentive:

  1. Fatmir Limaj, former member of the General Staff, former minister in the previous government. Currently, leader of the Incentive for Kosovo party and MP.

Bislim Zyrapi, former head of the General Staff of KLA, who was replaced by Agim Ceku. /ibna/