USA and EU react against the instigation of ethnic and religious hate

USA and EU react against the instigation of ethnic and religious hate

Skopje, 2 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The international community has reacted about the recent situation in the capital of the country, following the introduction of religious and ethnic symbols. This reaction has come following the numerous clashes of political parties, in relation to the laying of foundations for the erection of a giant cross in the commune of Butel in Skopje, but also in relation to the symbol of eagle in the neighboring commune of Çair.

The US and EU embassies have reacted by saying that there’s an urgent need for politics not to be mixed up with religious activities and other activities that instigate religious and ethnic hate.

“We encourage religious and ethnic communities in Macedonia to focus on strengthening respect and mutual understanding among all communities”, says the US embassy in Skopje.

The EU office requests politics to distance itself from religious activities.

“All the citizens are equal in their liberties and rights, regardless of gender, race, color of their skin, nationality, political persuasion and religion. The Constitution guarantees the freedom of creed and the right to freely express it in public. Religious communities and groups are separate from the state and equal before the law”, the EU office declared. /ibna/