USA and EU are the main donors in the economy of Kosovo

USA and EU are the main donors in the economy of Kosovo

Pristina, 27 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Last year, Kosovo benefited more than 212 million euros worth of donations for the development of the most important sectors.

The European Union and USA are two of the most important donors, out of a total of 22 donors.

PM Isa Mustafa says that thanks to the donors, Kosovo has made progress in the recent years and the government has approved its program and has made economic development a priority.

According to Mustafa, these donations have been used for the most important sectors of the economy.

“We have made extraordinary progress in the recent years and this progress has been achieved thanks to the partnerships and cooperation that we have had. Kosovo’s government has approved its governing program and we have made economic development a priority”, Mustafa said.

US ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie declared that Kosovo’s economic stability needs progress in all the pillars of the National Strategy.

USA is committed to back sustainable growth of the private sector which offers development for the economy of Kosovo.

“In order for Kosovo to have economic stability, there must be progress in all the pillars of the national strategy. Kosovo must develop human capital, improve the rule of law, strengthen competition in the private sector and develop infrastructure. These pillars are in line with the efforts of the US embassy to strengthen rule of law, regional security and economic development. We have been partners in the development of Kosovo during the past 16 years and we fully support the scope of the National Strategy for development and European integration”, Delawie said.

The head of the department for economy and European integration, Thomas Gnocchi, says that Kosovo needs a high economic growth to reach the standards of the region. According to him, the blockade in the parliament of Kosovo and lack of cooperation between majority and opposition, doesn’t help developments in Kosovo.

“Coordination between Kosovo’s authorities is necessary to have the best assistance. In 2014, economic growth was only 0,9% and Kosovo needs a higher economic growth to achieve the rates of the region. The blockade in the parliament of Kosovo hasn’t helped this. The improvement of the business climate is crucial and Kosovo must tackle informal economy”, he says.

With the financial strategy 2014-2020, the EU has allocated a 600 million euro fund for Kosovo.

According to the donors report prepared by the Ministry for European Integration, for 2014, assistance amounted to 212 million euros and the most important donors for 2014 were the EU and USA. /ibna/