USA-EU: Decision on the Court improves the credibility of Kosovo

USA-EU: Decision on the Court improves the credibility of Kosovo

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, April 24, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

United States of America and the European Union have welcomed the voting of the EULEX mission mandate and the creation of the Special Court on the war crimes in Kosovo.

Parliament of Kosovo votes in favor of the establishment of the Special Court

US ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson has considered the approval of the establishment of the Special Court on war crimes and the continuation of the European Union Mission for the Rule of Law, EULEX as good news.

Meanwhile, the US embassy to Pristina declared in a press statement that:  “This court is essential to exonerating the innocent, proving Kosovo’s commitment to rule of law, and resolving with finality these troubling allegations.  We praise the decision by those Deputies who affirmed their commitment to establishing a court under Kosovo law, and that will strictly focus on individuals and individual acts”.

US Embassy believes that yesterday’s voting in Parliament,  “paves the way for a process that the international community will view as credible, and that will help close this difficult chapter in Kosovo’s history”.

At the same time, the embassy gives assurances that: ““The United States remains committed to supporting Kosovo as it continues to move forward with this essential task”.

The EU foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton has praised the decision of the Parliament of Kosovo for the establishment of the Special Court, which will handle allegations on crimes committed by KLA soldiers, crimes which have been alluded by Swiss senator, Dick Marty.

“I congratulate the government and members of parliament for their leadership and commitment to justice demonstrated during the decision, which we admit, it was highly sensitive and difficult”, says Ashton. She says that yesterday’s decision  by parliament will strengthen the rule of law and improve credibility of Kosovo in the international arena. Special prosecutor Clint Zilliamson office based in Brussels believes that with the voting in parliament, Kosovo is a step closer in finalizing the issues raised in the Dick Marty’s report once and for all.

“We’d like to reiterate that we’re ready to hold unbiased and independent inquiries which will shed light upon the truth in relation to the allegations mentioned in the European Council report”, states the press release.

Prosecutor Zilliamson’s team confirms that the inquiries which are being made will end in the months to come.

Special Councilor of Human Rights Watch, Fred Abrahams, an organization that deals with human rights, has reacted after the approval of the Court by Parliament.

“Congratulations to Kosovo for the commitment shown for a trusted judiciary process for individuals and crimes committed during and after the war”, writes he on Twitter.

Kosovar MPs heard the advices of the international institutions and voted in favor of the creation of a Special Court which will try the allegations of the Swiss senator, Dick Marty.

The diplomatic corpus accredited in Pristina was almost entirely present on Wednesday’s plenary proceeding in parliament and they made sure that their scenario was going to be successful. Active in this were the US ambassador, Tracy Jacobson and EU Special Representative, Samuel Zbogar, but also other ambassadors from France and Italy.

The latter were seen during the whole time in the parliament halls in constant communication with MP and after the voting, they congratulated them by saying that they did a good job in voting in favor of EULEX and the Court.

The document which received 89 votes in favor, 22 against and 2 abstains first had to be introduced in the order of the day by avoiding the regulation. The draft was delivered to MPs a few minutes before they voted. /ibna/