USA backs the integration of Kosovo within the international community

USA backs the integration of Kosovo within the international community

Pristina, September 9, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

United States of America have issued a declaration where they back and welcome the integration of Kosovo in the international community.

The declaration mentions the fact that Kosovo has had many recognitions as a sovereign state and that the youngest state has been admitted at the Venice Commission of the European Council as the 60th member of this commission.

USA also hail Serbia and Kosovo for their engagement in the talks between the two countries for the implementation of the April 2013 agreement for the normalization of relations.

“The two governments have made difficult decisions, but necessary to advance with the talks, which remain an integral part of a prosperous region. The process of the formation of the government of Kosovo, after the successful parliamentary elections in June, continues. Meanwhile, political leaders in Kosovo are working for the formation of the next government and it’s important for the process to continue in line with the laws and constitution of Kosovo”, reads the declaration of the US government.

This declaration calls on political leaders to accelerate the formation of the new government in order to continue with the strengthening of multi ethnic democracy of Kosovo.

USA also back the freedom of speech and universal human rights and denounce those who choose violence to cause turmoil within their communities.

USA condemn the violence taken place in Southern Mitrovica in the June 22 protest in relation to the barricades installed on the bridge of Mitrovica.

“Violence and tension over the bridge of Mitrovica underline the need for constant and constructive talks in order to settle differences”.

USA hail the authorities of Kosovo for their efforts to tackle violent extremism and the incentive of the police of Kosovo and judiciary system to stop those who are suspected to have taken part in foreign conflicts and their supporters in June and August. /ibna/