USA: Albanians are fed up with criminals in politics

USA: Albanians are fed up with criminals in politics

Tirana, 7 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

US ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu speaks on behalf of the Albanian citizens by declaring that “they have been fed up with criminals in politics”.

Mr. Lu said that this is also a warning for incriminated people who attempt to enter politics: “You will end up in prison. Albania will be successful with the help of its partners”.

He added that in Albania, those who are accused, are seldom held accountable for their accusations, by not mentioning names. According to him, Albania has a very high level of impunity, where crime lords move freely thanks to their political ties.

“Situation in Albania is serious, but I believe that the reform in justice will solve the issue of impunity”, declared the US ambassador.

Lu added that National Bureau of Investigation officers will be trained by the FBI. A group of investigators and prosecutors will come from Washington to offer their training. The ambassador gave assurances that they will be people without political ties. /