USA-Albania to boost their cooperation in energy

USA-Albania to boost their cooperation in energy

Albania’s Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Mr. Damian Gjiknuri is in the United States of America on a work visit. During his stay in Washington and New York, he will hold meetings with senior officials of the Department of State, the Department of Energy, as well as congressmen and representatives of well-known US companies in the field of energy.

The first meeting of Minister Gjiknuri was held with the head of Energy Issues in the State Department, Sue Saarnio.

The deepening of cooperation with the United States as part of the efforts to increase energy security in Europe, the Southern Gas Corridor and the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) pipeline were the focus of the meeting. Minister Gjiknuri briefed the US official on the steps taken by the Albanian government to facilitate the construction phase of this very important project that changes the country’s energy map.

Mr. Gjiknuri also focused on the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline project (IAP), thanking the United States for the support they are giving to this new pipeline that affects not only Albania but Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

Another area discussed during the meeting was that of fossil fuels. The State Department’s representative underscored the willingness of the US government to continue and cooperate by offering its expertise for a good management of oil deposits.

Minister Gjiknuri insisted that in addition to expertise, the presence of US companies with experience in the field of hydrocarbons would help in this direction. /