US General: „The Aegean crisis will allow us to operate better as a team”

 US General: „The Aegean crisis will allow us to operate better as a team”

Bucharest, March 1, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Irina Stoica

The refugee crisis and the situation in the Aegean Sea is a matter of concern for the US, but might turn into an opportunity for better cooperation between the US and Europe. It’s the message that Major General David W. Allvin, Director of Strategy and Policy for U.S. European Command, sent during a telephonic briefing with several journalists on the 29th of February.

Asked about how the United States can help in the Aegean Sea considering the evolving refugees crisis, General Allvin said: “As we start moving further to the south we understand that there are issues there and that NATO is very involved and Europe is very involved and is affected by those issues. So we understand that both as the U.S.

European Command and as a part of NATO that we definitely support any of those activities that are called upon, whether it be looking east or looking south, to be able to defend against some of these threats and instabilities of all sorts, whether they come from Russia or from the south. So I would say, again, all of these NATO-led operations that allow us to operate better as a team, as an alliance, as a coalition really not only enhance our ability to respond quickly, but also serve as a deterrent effect for potential adversaries”.