Greek Ministry of Finance presents revenues for 2013

Greek Ministry of Finance presents revenues for 2013


Review Hari Stefanatos

The Ministry of Finance forwarded to the greek Parliament the document regarding the “black money” that has been confiscated in favor of the greek state in order to be used for the support of areas in the economy that are of high priority.

In the document that has a date of January 30 and bears the signature of the deputy minister of finance, Christos Staikouras, are described in detail the revenues that have been collected for 2013 up to the beginning of 2014.

Through this document, the members of the Parliament are being informed of the bank account that has been opened in the Bank of Greece with the name “deposit of sums for the greek state, deriving from criminal activities against the greek state”, which has been in effect since 17/12/2013.

In the said account a total of € 17,392,524.53 have been deposited between the period 17/12/2013 and 20/01/2014.   

(Source AMNA)