UNO, PM Thaci demands for Kosovo’s progress to be recognized

UNO, PM Thaci demands for Kosovo’s progress to be recognized

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, December 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A session was held yesterday at the UN Security Council on Kosovo.

This session discussed the quarterly report of the UN Secretary General for the period 16 July-15 October 2014.

In this meeting, acting PM of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has demanded for Kosovo’s progress and its readiness to face new challenges, to be recognized.

Thaci demanded for the progress of Kosovo to be recognized, in order for this country to be fully successful.

“Today, you must confirm the great progress that we have made since the time when the late and much respected Sergio Di Meglio launched the UNMIK mission in Kosovo. The new reality requires courage from you in order to launch a new and normal political relation between the UNO and Kosovo. I’m convinced that thanks to your understanding, something like that will soon happen and Kosovo will be an equal member of the United Nation’s family”, declared Thaci in his speech held in the UN Security Council Meeting.

Thaci has mentioned the coalition reached between the two large parties, PDK and LDK and said that this was the first time that an agreement was reached without intervention from abroad.

“PDK and LDK are the two largest parties in the country. They reached a governing agreement. I’d like to confirm to you that next week, we will see the appointment of the new institutions of the Republic of Kosovo”, said Thaci.

Among the big achievements, PM Thaci also mentioned the election process, which according to him and monitoring organizations has been developed in compliance with European and international standards.

Thaci also mentioned the recognition of Kosovo by world states, Kosovo’s admission in the International Olympic Committee and other achievements which relate to Kosovo’s image in the world.

“World judo champion, Majlinda Kelmendi and sportsmen of Kosovo will no longer have problems in representing their country in the international arena. Kosovo’s flag will be waved in the Rio Olympics”, Thaci said.

The head of the government of Kosovo also talked about the war against terrorism, by saying that “we’re constantly working for cross religious tolerance”.

At the end, Thaci said that one thing is certain: “Kosovo will soon be an equal state among member countries of the United Nations”.

Vucic: Negotiations will continue, but we will not recognize Kosovo

In this meeting, the Serb PM, Aleksandar Vucic said that his country has never caused nationalist problems.

“Serbia is determined for peace in an independent way and without interventions from abroad. We have undertaken economic reforms. We don’t cause nationalist problems, because we have our own domestic problems. Serbia has avoided ethnic conflicts because ethnic conflicts are only caused by weak politicians”, said Vucic.

During this meeting, Vucic has once again said that Serbia will not recognize Kosovo, but that this will not prevent Belgrade to talk to Pristina.

“We will not recognize Kosovo’s independence, but this doesn’t prevent us from talking to authorities in Pristina. This is a positive approach on Serbia’s part. We have shown that we want peace in the Balkan and that we want a normal future”, said Vucic.

Vucic has called on the creation of the Special Court, adding that members of KLA should be punished for the crimes committed against Serbs and non Albanians.

“Serbs are unable to visit the graves of their ancestors in Kosovo, because there’s no safety. The appeals of institutions there are mere lies, because there’s no safety there”, Vucic said.

Zarif: The new government must continue its talks with Serbia

Head of UNMIK, Farid Zarif demanded from political leaders in Kosovo to finalize the process of the creation of the government and pointed out the need to provide a new momentum in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina in order to continue high level meetings.

Zarif praised the cooperation offered by communes in the north of Kosovo in preparing the 2015 budget, pointing out the fact that this shows that both sides are convinced that dialogue on a local level will offer a good practice.

“It’s important to keep up the pace for the integration of four northern communes and in this context, the foundation of the association of Serb communes in compliance with the Brussels’ Treaty”, said Zarif.

Zarif praised police of Kosovo and the security structures for the prevention of extremism and stressed the fact that the president of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga and other politicians condemned the insulting graffiti in the monastery of Decan.

Zarif said that the accusations for corruption against the current and former members of EULEX, attracted media attention in relation to the investigation over this case.

He also called on the parliament of Kosovo to make the creation of the Special Court for the Crimes of KLA a priority. Zarif said that the protection of cultural and religious heritage remain at the order of the day.

Great Britain demands the recognition of Kosovo

Representative of Great Britain at the Security Council has talked about Kosovo and has invited the five members of the European Union, which have not recognized Kosovo, to do this.

He has encouraged these states to do this, by mentioning the pledge of the two PMs, that of Kosovo and that of Serbia to continue dialogue.

The British representative also mentioned the creation of the new institutions of Kosovo, who hoped that such thing will take place on December 8. /ibna/