United opposition in Kosovo with the aim of overthrowing the government

United opposition in Kosovo with the aim of overthrowing the government

Pristina, 16 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Self Determination, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Incentive for Kosovo have officially decided to be a united opposition.

As of Friday, they have decided to start a nationwide petition, which will precede protests and demonstrations.

Leader of Self Determination, Visar Ymeri, said that the opposition’s activities aim at undoing the agreements that have been reached in Brussels and other decisions of the government against the state’s interests.

“As of Friday, we will start a nationwide petition, where we will engage all over Kosovo, in every quarter, city and village, in order to enable all citizens who are against the Brussels’ agreements, to object through this petition”, he said.

Ymeri said that the support of the citizens will be required for this mission.

“We’re in the process of mobilizing the citizens, in order for them to be aware as to what’s happening to Kosovo and for them to be prepared to protect the country”, Ymeri said.

Meanwhile, leader of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, has demanded from the government to give up on the implementation of the agreements reached in Brussels.

“We call upon them to give up, because they have gone so far. We have plenty of other topics as opposition, but these are urgent topics”, Haradinaj said.

United opposition says that it’s really interested in launching talks with other actors of society to set up a joint political front. /ibna/