Unemployment rates in Greece record new all time low

Unemployment rates in Greece record new all time low

This year’s employment rate in Greece began with record-high levels, according to the data of the ERGANI Information System. It is noteworthy that in April 2019, the highest rate of employment was recorded compared to every other month of all the recorded years, i.e. since 2001, while the January-April 2019 period is the best first quarter of all recorded years, in new employment in the private sector. All of the above shows that the Greek economy is recovering, which is reflected in almost all the economic indicators.

Positive balance

Specifically, in April 2019, a positive balance of recruitment – retirement resulted in 110,895 new jobs. The recruitment announcements/advertisements were 282,181 and the withdrawals were 171,286. Also, in January-April 2019, a positive balance of recruitment – retirement amounted to 159,775 new jobs. The recruitment announcements were 806,589 and withdrawals 646,814.

“Three months after the increase in the minimum wage and the abolition of the embarrassing sub-salary, employment is recovering steadily and decisively. The creation of 160,000 new jobs in the four-month period, a new record of employment in all the recorded years, proves that we are on the right track and allows us to be optimistic,” said Minister of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Efi Achtsioglou, after the announcement of these figures.

New recruitments

Beyond that, it should of course be noted that half of the new recruitments of the quarter January-April 2019 (49.52%) represent full-time jobs. 38.78% are part-time jobs, while 11.7% are short-time working.

Most “clean” jobs were created in the accommodation sector (balance of 61,270 jobs), followed by food services (23,482) and retail (8,087). As a result, 27,224 new jobs were announced for waiters and bartenders, 17,027 for cooks, 12,094 for cleaners and 9,783 for salesmen and cashiers./ibna