Unemployment eased slightly in December

Unemployment eased slightly in December


The Greek unemployment rate eased slightly to 26.4 pct in December 2012, from 26.6 pct in November, but remained five percentage points up compared with December 2011 (21.4 pct), the independent Hellenic Statistical Authority (ESTAT) said on Thursday.

The statistics service, in a report, said that the number of unemployed people rose by 263,596 in one year, to a total of 1,321,236, an increase of 898,368 from 2008 when the crisis began. Unemployment among young people (aged 15-24) remained at very high levels, 57.5 pct), while Attica –home of around 2/4 of the Greek population- remained at the top among the country’s regions with an unemployment rate of 28.4 pct.

Employment fell by 208,953 in December, compared with December 2011, to 3,679,074 workers, but was up by 40,316 compared with November 2012. Unemployment mostly hit women (29.3 pct in December 2012 from 25.4 pct in December 2011), while among men it rose to 24.3 pct from 18.4 pct over the same periods, respectively.

The 25-34 age group recorded an unemployment rate of 34 pct, the 35-44 a 23.4 pct, the 45-54 a 19.5 pct and the 55-64 a 16.3 pct rate.

The unemployment rate among the country’s regions was: Attica (28.4 pct), Epirus-Western Macedonia (28.1 pct), Macedonia/Thrace (26.9 pct), Thessaly (25.9 pct), Crete (23.9 pct), Peloponnese-Western Greece-Ionian islands (23.7 pct) and Aegean (22.6 pct).