Uncertainties reduce as the inauguration of the first woman President approaches

Uncertainties reduce as the inauguration of the first woman President approaches

Zagreb, February 9, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Marija Avramovic

Newly elected state president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic ought’s to submit her “resignation from the membership” in the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) today, which will fulfill the formal requirement of the Constitution, which according to Article 96 stipulates that the President of the Republic of Croatia cannot be a member of a political party or engage in any other public or professional duties.

Grabar-Kitarovic will inform Parliament Speaker Josip Leko on her resignation as a member of the HDZ and thus open the way to the formal inauguration of February 15 in Zagreb.

In six days Grabar Kitarovic is about to be sworn at St. Mark’s Square. Starting tomorrow, preparations are entering the final stage, and there are now less unknowns, but one of them is still the list of statesmen who will attend the inauguration – the sixth since Croatia’s independence.

A list of invitees has not yet been completed, and for now the number of the presidents, who will come to Zagreb is lower than in the previous inaugurations.

Nova TV revealed that this Sunday St. Mark’s Square will visit the presidents of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and the President of Kosovo and it is so far confirmed list of statesmen.

The number of the heads of state at each of the inaugurations was about 10, while most of them came in 2000 when the inauguration was attended by 12 statesman.

Besides the heads of states, presidents of Bulgarian and Polish Parliament and the German Bundesrat will also come to Zagreb this Sunday.

Some countries will send their ministers, and the majority of them their ambassadors, while USA has not yet announced its delegate for the inauguration.

At the inauguration of Grabar Kitarovic Serbia could be represented by an official of a lower diplomatic level, according to the Serbian newspaper “Vecernje Novosti”, estimating that it as very likely that Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will not travel to Zagreb on February 15.

According to this newspaper: “President Nikolic has definitely given up from coming to Zagreb” with regard to the statements of Grabar Kitarovic, who earlier had “declared Vojvodina as a state and Serbs in Croatia as Croats, as well as the fact that the inauguration was moved from February 18 to February 15, which is The Serbian Statehood Day”.