UN Secretary-General confirms United Nations’ position on the issue of Varosha – Government Spokesman

UN Secretary-General confirms United Nations’ position on the issue of Varosha – Government Spokesman

The possible reaction of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, to the recent letter he received from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, was called to comment on the Government Spokesman, Nicos Christodoulides, on Cyprus public radio on Monday, 28 August, 2017.

To the question what sort of letter does President Anastasiades intends to send to Guterres, the Government Spokesman said that there are still some final decisions to be taken, after which it will be possible to announce it and discuss it.

Christodoulides confirmed the reports of a letter was sent by the UN Secretary General to the President of Cyprus, revealing that it is dated 18 August. “It is a letter from Mr Guterres to the President of the Republic, who addressed the Secretary-General on 4 August, in connection to the reports that have come to light on plans B or C on the Turkish part, as well as more specifically, on the issue of the enclosed area of ​​Varosha.

I also mention that in the same letter the President of the Republic expressed his readiness to continue negotiations within the framework of the UN Secretary-General, reminding the well-known public challenge or invitation to the Turkish side. To this letter, the President of the Republic received a reply from the UN Secretary-General”, the Government Spokesman said.

Christodoulides stressed that an important issue that arise from Guterres’ answer is that “the UN Secretary-General confirms the United Nations’ position on the issue of the enclosed Varosha area, as described in the UN Security Council resolutions and the UN Secretary-General’s occasional reports.

The President of the Republic will be in New York from 17 September and for at least a week, within the framework of his presence at the United Nations General Assembly. There will surely be a meeting with the UN Secretary-General and all the issues will certainly be discussed in this particular assembly.

In his letter of 4 August, the President of the Republic made, among other things, the specific mention: that our side accepts the Secretary-General’s framework and that there is readiness to continue the effort. The continuation of the effort depends on the Turkish side. We mention that in Crans-Montana the positions put forward by the Turkish side had escaped the UN Secretary-General’s framework, in particular the chapter on Security and Guarantee. But in the statements made by Turkish Cypriots or Turkish officials, it is clear that so far there is no clear position on the UN Secretary-General’s framework”.

Responding to the question whether the report of Espen Barth-Eide will be ready by the time President Anastasiades goes to New York, the Government Spokesman said “It will definitely be ready and we expect it to be sent to the Security Council before September 16th, when the United Nations General Assembly begins”.

From the meetings at technocratic level at the level of our diplomatic missions, it is not expected, at least from the information so far, something that is not known about what happened in Crans-Montana and the intention of the United Nations, which is clearly recorded that it remains at the disposal of the parties, Christodoulides clarified.

“We do not expect to be held accountable on either side. This was clear from the Secretary General’s first presence on 30 June, Crans-Montana. The Secretary-General began his speech with this statement: that there is no role for the United Nations that allows, through the exercise of this role, to attribute at the end of the day responsibilities either for a non-positive result or for anything else”, Christoudides added.

There was a question on the documents mentioned by the newspaper “Politis”, which the newspaper claims to be secret, to which Christodoulides responded that “the President of the Republic chose to send a letter to a specific group of our fellow citizens, who after Crans-Montana contacted him directly or indirectly. His letter is personal and not for publication. It notes what we or the President of the Republic has said about the events in Switzerland. There is no confidentiality or a leak of documents and we are not going to deal with an issue, which in fact does not exist.

The President of the Republic has received questions about the real intentions of Turkey in Crans-Montana and the reasons why we have not reached a positive outcome and so on. The President of the Republic felt the need to send this letter, but this does not include anything that is not publicly known”.

Finally, the Government Spokesman denied the rumors that speak of a “velvet” divorce. “The publication that we have seen in the press on this issue, in itself, nullifies such a choice through a specific reference to the EU. But there are no thoughts or debates in that direction. Turkey is in a period of reflection on what has taken place and of concern for the subsequent course. We have heard from the Turkish side statements in all directions: continuation of the effort, its aim continues on the basis of the relevant resolutions on a bi-zonal bi-communal federation. We’ve heard a lot about various Plans B and C. Our position is clear and we work within that framework: we want to bring about a result in the context of what has been already been agreed”./IBNA