Ulosoy: Our countries enjoy a dynamic good neighborly relationship

Ulosoy: Our countries enjoy a dynamic good neighborly relationship

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev honored Turkey’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Hasan Ulusoy with the Madara Horse Rider Medal.

The highest state distinction relates to the diplomat’s great services and contribution to the development of Bulgarian-Turkish relations and bilateral cooperation.

The Bulgarian President noted that with his help, several high-level meetings were organized and the bilateral political dialogue deepened.

“I would like to stress the dynamic bilateral economic cooperation and the sustainable development of trade between our countries,” Rumen Radev noted.

The head of state has acknowledged as successful the energy projects of paramount importance for all of Southeastern Europe.

“Our countries enjoy very good and dynamic good neighborly relations in all areas. In this sense, people living in the two countries are trying to contribute to friendly relations”, the Turkish ambassador noted.

Hasan Ulusoy said more than 120 visits have been made between the Bulgarian and Turkish state authorities over the past two years and more than 30 cultural and social events were held at the embassy.

“This shows how two countries can cooperate closely and work together”, the ambassador said. Ulusoy, whose term ends, said he is leaving, but will feel Bulgaria as his second home./ibna