U.S.-Turkish ties go through fresh crisis

U.S.-Turkish ties go through fresh crisis

U.S.A. to Turkey: “Stop in Afrin as there is a ceasefire. Read the Security Council’s resolution again”

Ankara to Washington: “Stop making statements that support the terrorists”

A fresh crisis in American-Turkish ties broke out regarding the Security Council’s decision over the truce in Syria and the military operations in Afrin.

During a daily department briefing on Feb. 27, U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said a cease-fire decision applies for the entirety of Syria. She said Afrin, where Turkey since Jan. 20 has been carrying out a military operation against People’s Protection Units (YPG) militants, also falls under the resolution’s precinct.

Nauert told reporters in Washington on Tuesday:

“Turkey is more than welcome to go back and read the exact text of this UN Security Council resolution, and I would suggest that they do so,” she said.

Ankara replied to Washington immediately. The Turkish MoFA spokesman, Hami Aksoy said that, “Nauert’s statements are baseless and show that she has either misunderstood the aim of the decision or that she is trying to twist the truth.”

Aksoy noted that the relevant UN SC decision does not mention Afrin. He stressed that Turkey’s intervention in Afrin is based on UN resolutions regarding a country’s self-defence and used a sharp tone when addressing the U.S., as he said, “instead of making statements supportive of terrorists, they should focus their attention in stopping the Syrian regime from attacking innocent citizens.”…/IBNA