U.S. lobbying firm helps Romania’s ruling SDP with political meetings

U.S. lobbying firm helps Romania’s ruling SDP with political meetings

A disclosure filing published by the United States Justice Department proves that the Romanian Social Democrat Party, that is also the ruling party in the country, hired an American public affairs firm in Washington to arrange the meetings among the party’s head, Liviu Dragnea and top States’ officials.

The documents proving what PSD did were published on the U.S. Justice Department website.

“According to the disclosure filing, submitted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which also includes correspondence, the party hired Madison & Company LLC in late April 2017”, reads BIRN, so that Dragnea would be arranged to meet the American Vice-President Mike Pence, the House Speaker Paul Ryan and other political figures. Moreover, Washingto-based firm would be responsible for the arrangement of meetings with media outlets and academics.

Emails that came to light, show the firm’s head, Al Madison corresponding with well-known Romanian political man, Gheorghe Dimitrescu. The latter was the former consul of the country in New York and Strasbourg while, at the moment he is “an advisor to the deputy head of the lower Chamber, Florin Iordache.” In the messages they exchanged, Dimitrescu speaks of the great importance of the meeting to the party, making clear that it could be held either in the States or wherever else convenient.

The business relationship between the two sides began firm began on June 22, 2017 but the United States Justice Department published it on October 24, 2017.

The firm enjoys international approval as, apart from the Romanian leadership, the governments of Albania, Pakistan, Turkey and Venezuela also trust and work with it…/IBNA