U.S. ambassador angry with Serbian tabloids

U.S. ambassador angry with Serbian tabloids

The Congress of the Serbian-American Friendship, established in Belgrade today, is evidence of the true friendship between two nations, United States ambassador in Serbia Kyle R. Scott (photo) said. After two years spent in Serbia, the ambassador spoke of his experiences in Belgrade including “challenges and disagreements”.

Scott said that he has revealed the warmness and hospitality of Serbian people; on the other hand, he was sometimes “angry” over headlines in Serbian tabloids “which attribute to America the worst intentions” against Serbia. He added that Serbian media “cite so called experts and unnamed sources in order to spread lies”. According to the ambassador, such practices are examples of “hate speech”.

“The only remedy against hate speech is the freedom of speech and courageous men and women which are ready to defend the truth”, Scott said, adding that good relations between Serbia and America “are part of our common DNA”.

In his words, the bilateral ties are “comprehensive and profound”. The newly established Congress of the Serbian-American Friendship represent “an amazing chapter in friendly relations between two countries”, the diplomat stressed.

Zorana Mihajlovic, the vice president of the Serbian government, said that both U.S. and Serbia deserve “much better relations”. She stressed that the U.S. is one of the biggest foreign donors and investors in Serbia. Since 2001, American exports to Serbia has been increased 50-fold. “American companies have employed almost 20,000 people in Serbia and invested approximately 4 billion dollars in Serbia; more than one billion dollars have been donated to Serbia”, Mihajlovic recalled./ΙΒΝΑ