Two years since the Golden Dawn trial – Lawyers hold press conference

Two years since the Golden Dawn trial – Lawyers hold press conference

It’s been two years, one hundred and fifty hearings and 85 convicted witnesses since the start of the trial of the criminal organization Golden Dawn.

Lawyers taking part in the lawsuit gave a press conference, and described the 24 month criminal battle, referring inter alia to the progress of the proceedings and to the behaviour of Golden Dawn inside and outside the courtroom.

“We do not expect the court’s decision to conclude that Golden Dawn is a criminal organization, it has a leadership group, members and takes action, that of brutal violence and crimes, and that’s how we will deal with it. In this way we will awaken even the last citizen” Said Maria Cascarica, the mother of the young student who was brutally struck by the Golden Dawn member accused of robbery and causing grievous bodily harm.

The civil action lawyers at the press conference turned against Golden Dawn, speaking of a Nazi organization, which should be punished for its action by Greek Justice.

As Andreas Tzelis, the attorney-at-law of the Fyssas family, said, “there was, at first, a false sense of lionism when they wanted the trial to begin to prove his innocence. Today, two years later, their behavior has shown us that their fear has increased both because we had the evidence and because the witnesses did not have the fear that existed in the past. ” He described the members of Golden Dawn as “scams pretending to be indignant or protesting citizens”, while he also referred to “an industry of filing false and unsubstantiated lawsuits.”

On his part, the lawyer of the Egyptian fishermen, Kostas Papadakis, stressed the need to conduct the trial in its natural place, the Athens Court of Appeal, as well as the crucial issue of publicizing the trial. “The length of the trial is confronted with the volume of the case, but the co-decision is unified to show the action of the organization and not to judge the attacks as individual cases,” the lawyer explained, and continued: “The Golden Dawn members intentionally and methodically create incidents so that the trial is transferred to Korydallos. The Minister of Justice is depriving himself of his executive power by not allocating the Court of Appeal as the sole venue for the trial, while at the same time the Korydallos Prison Hall means a lack of publicity”.

Kostas Papadakis indirectly criticized the fact that “the accused for the leadership role in the organization (referring to Nikos Michaloliakos) has since September 2015 assumed the political responsibility for the assassination of Fyssas, but the president of the Court has not yet called on him to explain this position. ”

Finally, the PAME lawyer, Angelos Vrettos, also took the floor. “From the outset, the common objective of civil action is to point out the incidents so that we punish Golden Dawn. 85 out of 135 witnesses have been investigated, and the criminal-Nazi organization which is in Parliament as a political party has been proven to have an ongoing plan of action, carried out by battalions. It has proven its racist character and its interconnections with the business world, “he said.

As for the behavior of Golden Dawn inside and outside the courtroom, he spoke of a lack of calmness and a lack of arguments, underlining that “it is a question of moral and political action, the judicial condemnation and punishment of perpetrators.”.ΙΒΝΑ