Tuzla International Airport: Reconstruction work over by May

Tuzla International Airport: Reconstruction work over by May

The reconstruction of the passenger terminal at the International Airport in Tuzla are expected to be completed by May 2018.

Specialists count on the smoothness of its operation, saying the works will help serve nearly 700.000 passengers, (400 passengers per hour, as sarajevotimes.com report).

The total value of the project is calculated to 6.5 million BAM.

According to the director of the Tuzla International Airport, Rifet Karasalihovic project funds have already been secured  and are in their account. The 2.5 million BAM were gathered through loan indebtedness of the International Airport Tuzla.

The director added that, “The remaining part of the funds were secured from the budget, with the consent of the Government of the FBiH, and we will secure another 500.000 or 700.000 BAM from our own sources”,  sarajevotimes.com reports.

Tuzla airport is known as a low cost airline hub of Bosnia and Herzegovina, since it is used by people from Bosnia, the diaspora and travelers from neighbouring countries Croatia and Serbia. The airport is a civilian airport and a military airbase…/IBNA