The Turkish people once again take to the streets to oppose Erdogan

The Turkish people once again take to the streets to oppose Erdogan


Turkey goes through a second “Gezi”

“We are living in the darkness of Erdogan’s fascism”, Turkish political analysts state

Erdogan decides to release from prison all the terrorists-fascists who had been convicted by the turkish courts!

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

“I believe that the prime minister is saddened by Berkin Elvan’s death”. This statement from the deputy prime minister of the Erdogan government, Bulent Arinc, during the funeral of 15-year-old Elvan, who was the latest victim of police violence in Gezi Park, is indicative of the displeasure in the government from Erdogan’s stance in relation to the demonstrators and police violence. Arinc, who is an experienced politician, did not say “the prime minister is sad”, but rather he expressed his personal thoughts. A clear innuendo to Erdogan.

Starting from the demonstrations in Gezi and the police violence last June, which resulted in the death of 8 people (Berkin amongst them) and the wounding of hundreds more, many in AKP believe the Turkish prime minister “is following the wrong strategy. We are losing the Center, the voters who do not want to belong neither to the Left nor to the Right side of politics. His rhetoric is causing polarization in society”, reported to IBNA a member of AKP. What is most impressive is the tension that is evident in society. Even the intellectuals and political analysts, with whom they had private conversations with, are tense. They are not talking to each other; they blame one another. A strange atmosphere. Turkey’s political scene has been divide in two sides, between the “pro-Erdogan” and the “democrates, anti-Erdogan, Kemalists”. In the past there was the polarisation between Lefties and Rights, with street fighting and thousands of dead , while in the 90s Turkey had split between Kemalists and Islamists.

“It may be that the future historian will write that the beginning of Erdogan’s end started from Gezi Park and the events that followed”, said to IBNA a member of a well known turkish newspaper.

The Turkish people again take to the streets to oppose Erdogan

A large number of the Turkish public has “gotten out of control”, believing that Erdogan governs in an authoritarian manner when “he wants to determine how they drink, dress and how they will live, when at the same time himself and his ‘environment’ are receiving kickbacks, have millions of dollars, and are trying to limit their freedoms and people’s rights in order to continue their illegal actions”, reports the newspaper Sozcu. It is for this reason that during the last few days hundreds of Turkish people in 56 cities and towns in Turkey have protested and clashed with the police. We are witnessing a “second Gezi”, during which two people have already lost their lives.

The Turkish prime minister, of course, in every chance he gets he speaks of “heroic policemen, who performed their duty perfectly”.

“This is fascism”

“We live in the darkness of fascism… They started their political course with the slogan “we will develop democracy”, but they filled their pockets with dollars and at the same time reinforced the police state to cover up the corruption. At a time when all around the world dictatorships are collapsing, they still believe they can remain in power by applying similar tactics”, reports the columnist for the newspaper Hurriyet, Mehmet Yilmaz.

“Erdogan fears he might be overthrown through Taksim Square”

Police is blockading Taksim Square on a daily basis, allowing passage to no one.

“The government fears that if protesters reach Taksim Square, it might turn into Tahrir Square. After what happened in Kiev they fear for similar events in this Square”, reports the political analyst of the television netwoek CNN Turk, Hakan Celik.

Erdogan does not trust the judiciary system and asks for judgment on the scandals to be exercised in the polls.

The conflict with the order of Gulen and the daily revelations about the kickbacks and the authoritarian way with which Erdogan governs are troubling. The turkish prime minister only just in December lost 4 of his government’s ministers for having taken millions of dollars in kickbacks. Erdogan does not apologize neither for the kickbacks, nor for the victims of police brutality, and argues that “the government and its cabinet will be vindicated in the March 30 elections”. Essentially, he does not speak of the judgment of the corruption cases by Justice, but through the result of the elections.

All the “good children” of the old fascist parastate are released from prison

The things that have been happening these last few days in Turkey may prove to be even more dangerous than the street battles. The turkish government, in the context of the “war” with Gulen’s order, is releasing from prison most of those who had been convicted by the turkish Special Court in 2013, in the trial of the paramilitary terrorist organisation Ergenekon.

Three murderers, members of Ergenekon, who had murdered 3 Turkish citizens in Malatya, because they were printing the bible in the turkish language, were released from prison.

Also released from prison is Erhan Tuncel, who according to the court was the instigator behind the assassination of the Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink.

Veli Kucuk, who is considered to be the person behind the secret murders of Kurds in southeastern Turkey, is also out, as are the lawyer and far Right extremist, Kemal kerincsiz,  and the president of the self proclaimed “Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate”, Sevgi Erenerol, who in every chance they get, express their hostility towards the Ecumenical Petriarchy.

The long list continuous with the former dean of the university of Istanbul, Kemal Alemdaroglu, who was threatening that Turkey is ready to sacrifice 100,000 Turks in order to invade Greece and Cyprus!

The alleged leader of Ergenekon and former Chief of the General Staff of Turkey, Ilker Basbung, who had been sentenced to life in prison last year, is now also set free.

According to the ruling of the turkish Justice, among Ergenekon’s plans were the assassination of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the creation of unrest with a number of terrorist hits, as well as the overthrow of the Erdogan government.

Now the government is abolishing the Special Courts that itself had appointed, and which judged these cases, and releases from prison all those who had been convicted by them.

There are many who express fears that these releases from prison are another of Erdogan’s alliances. The re-appearance of the old parastate to the state mechanism and the removal of Gulen’s parastate may be the turkish prime minister’s new strategy.

After the polls

The final strategy will be decided after the public elections, which will take place on March 30. The reporter and columnist for the newspaper Taraf, Rasim Ozan Kutahyali, who is part of the turkish prime minister’s “inner circle” reported to IBNA that these elections have essentially taken the form of a referendum and that after their completion, Erdogan is planning to take steps in “completely eradicating Gulen’s order from within the state mechanism”.

The telephone conversations that illustrate the corrupt and authoritarian way with which the Erdogan government functions

To date, 28 telephone conversations featuring Erdogan and his environment, have been leaked on the internet. These conversation, which show the way the government governs, have caused the reaction of the Turkish public. The first sound documents had been disputed as products of montage, but today no one disputes them anymore. Erdogan even characterized some of his conversations as authentic and necessary.

The subjects of some of the sound documents are:

The villa: Sumeyye Erdogan (daughter) talks to a constructor, who gave them a free villa in Vurla, and asks him for the pool not to be visible from outside, she describes how she wants the house etc.

Please Fatih: Erdogan calls the director of the television network Haberturk and asks him to immediately stop the broadcast of the leader of National Action party, Delvet Bahceli, because he is speaking against the prime minister. The director, Fatih Sarac, obeys.

The opinion poll: The director of the newspaper Haberturk, Fatih Altayli, speaks with the editor in chief and asks to boost AKP’s percentages in the poll that was to be published the following day.

The Protected Area: The governor talks on the phone with the constructor of the villa in Vurla stating that it is illegal. A few days later the governor is appointed in a another city.

The toilet and the bidet: The constructor of Erdogan’s illegal villa in Vurla asks the prime minister if he wants a bidet in his toilet. The Turkish prime minister is ignorant of a what a bidet is and asks for a normal toilet seat etc.

Sarigul: Erdogan calls the television network Haberturk and demands that they stop showing Mustafa Sarigul, who is the main opposition’s mayor candidate in Istanbul.

Health: Erdogan calls the director of the newspaper Haberturk and asks him to fire the reporters who uncovered the issue of the Health system’s dysfunction. The reporters are fired. The three year old child that was mentioned on the reportage died, since he was not accepted in any hospital.

The dismissal: Erdogan calls the television network Haberturk and asks for the dismissal of a journalist who accuses him.

Yasin al-Qadi: The Saudi businessman Quadi, who the US has accused of being affiliated with the Al-Qaeda, has an accident in Istanbul and calls Erdogan for help. Erdogan instead of sending the police or an ambulance sends his son Bilal for help!

The destruction of documents: Erdogan’s son-in-law is heard on the telephone ordering a shredder machine the day the corruption scandal broke out.

The wristwatch: The businessman Riza Zarab says on the telephone that they are going to buy an expensive watch as a present to a minister and stresses: “the prostitute and the public servant you pay in advance”.

Not enough money: Interior minister Muammer Guler calls his son and asks him how much money he has in his house. His son responds: “little, a few; I have approximately 3 million Euro”. Guler gives him instructions telling him how to bribe someone etc.

“OK dad”: Erdogan calls his son Bilal and informs him that the police is conducting raids in the residences and instructs him to “move the money from his house”. Bilal tells him that “there are just a few more money left in the house; about 30 million Euro”.

The Foundation: The businessman Riza Zarab calls Erdogan’s son and states that he wants to donate 400,000 dollars to the institution of which he is the director.

The lap: Bilal Erdogan calls his father and reports that a businessman has brought 10 million dollars less than what they had agreed. Erdogan asks him not to accept the money pointing out: “don’t worry they will sit on our lap”.

The estate: Erdogan calls his son to learn details on the estate they had acquired.

The advisor: A telephone conversation between the prime minister’s advisor and a businessman, who he asks to pay for his daughter’s school fees.

Dogan: The prime minister calls the minister of Justice and asks to convict the Dogan Group, which owns a significant number of Mass Media.

The businessman’s tears: The prime minister calls the owner of Miliyet, Erdogan Demiroren, and threatens him for a publication regarding the Kurd issue, with the businessman apologizing and crying.

Bilal: Erdogan’s son calls his father to inform him that they have arranged next day’s newspapers’ front pages.

The ship: Telephone conversation among members of the Erdogan family, during which it is revealed that the Turkish prime minister’s son has acquired his sixth ship.

And the revelations continue on a daily basis.