Turkish op in N. Syria against a terror group not against the Kurds

Turkish op in N. Syria against a terror group not against the Kurds

In an interview with Spanish daily La Razon, Omer Onhon, the Turkisn ambassador to Spain spoke about Turkey’s operation Olive Branch.

Quite explicitly, Onhon said that Turkey is not against the Kurds in Syria nor is it targeting them.

“I should clearly express that the operation is not against the Kurds. Our operation is against a terror group”, Anadolu quotes him saying according to the interview with the Spanish paper. As the Turkish news agency reads, by the phrase ‘terror group’ Onhon means the PKK and its Syrian branches, all of which are considered of terrorist nature and are listed as such, not only by Turkey, but by the U.S. and the EU, too.

Turkey launched the Operation Olive Branch on January 20, 2018 in order to remove terrorist groups, including the PYD/PKK and Daesh, from NW Syria.

Onhon went on to say that, because of the PYD/PKK  “Arabs, Turkmens, and even the Kurds [in Syria]” were displaced, adding that “They don’t represent the Kurds.”

Turkey considers the millions of Kurds in its grounds as fellow citizens, Onhon notted, underlining that “Scores of Kurds who have no sympathy for the YPG were killed, displaced, or remanded” by the ” by the tyrant in the region”, meaning the PYD/PKK…/IBNA