Turkish Health Minister: We will hire Greek doctors

Turkish Health Minister: We will hire Greek doctors


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

The Turkish Minister of Health, visiting Thessaloniki to participate in a ceremony in memory of Kemal Ataturk, met with members of the city’s Medical Association following his invitation to Greek doctors to find work in Turkey.

The Turkish minister claimes “1000 Greek doctors in Thessaloniki are already learning Turkish and in a few months they have made much progress”. However, the Medical Association doesn’t confirm that Greek doctors are learning Turkish, therefore there must have been a mistake in the translation of the minister’s statement.

Muezzinoglu did however say that “there is great demand for work in Turkey by Greek doctors. We have three conditions. The equivalence of diplomas; which we have no problem with Greece. The work permit for which there is a specific procedure; and knowledge of the Turkish language. We could maybe find a formula, for example, we could exclude this requirement for the first year. Mainly in the areas where there is great need.

The Turkish minister said Greek doctors, if hired, will work in Izmir, Istanbul and Thrace.

Muezzinoglu stated a few days ago that Turkey could absorb as many as 7000 Greek doctors looking for positions abroad.