The Turkish government is preparing a Mini reshuffle

The Turkish government is preparing a Mini reshuffle


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Scenario for Davutoglu’s replacement

The suspense is increasing among the MPs of the Party of “Justice and Development” (AKP) in Turkey since a mini reshuffle is expected soon in the Turkish government.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already announced some Minister names as candidates for Mayors in the municipal elections on March 2014, which resulted in the vacancy of Minister “chairs” that will be replaced by new faces. It is in this scenario that the name of Davutoglu is involved.

According to the scenario that goes around in Ankara, Ahmet Davutoglu may not continue as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the future as he may be replaced. According to the experienced political analyst Murat Yetkin “in AKP there are scenarios that Davutoglu is likely to become Vice-President of the government with the exclusive responsibility of Foreign Relationships, while Ali Babacan, who is the current Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Economy, will be appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs. There is the possibility that the place of Babacan, will be appointed to Numan Kurtulmuş, the current President of AKP”.

Nevertheless, it is pointed out from Ancara that Erdogan would not want the immediate replacement of Davutoglu, since that would be viewed as an admission of the failure of the Turkish government’s foreign policy. Among the names that are disussed as a possible cantidate for the position of the Minister of Foreign Afairs is that of the current Turkish Minister of EU Omer Çelik.

Two Ministries will become vacant in the government. The Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin will be a candidate for a Mayor of Antakya, as will be the Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin for the city of Gaziantep. It is likely that the Minister of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communication will also be a candidate for the city of Izmir. As the Ministry chairs continue to empty so will the scenarios grow. As it is, the government’s reshuffle is expected to be completed in the first days of 2014.