Turkish Foreign Ministry reacts to the signing of the EMGF

Turkish Foreign Ministry reacts to the signing of the EMGF

The East Med Gas Forum, without the participation of Turkey and the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (TRNC), is an unrealistic schema, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

“Had the purpose of the forum indeed been cooperation, surely Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots would have been invited to the forum”, Turkish Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy says in statement.

Aksoy stressed that this forum is in fact an unrealistic initiative launched by some countries with political motives, under illusions of excluding Turkey from energy equation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The member countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum gathered in Cairo on 16 January 2020 in order to transform the forum into an international organization by signing a foundation charter

Such initiatives launched against Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots will never contribute to peace and cooperation in the region, added the spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

“Consequently, this initiative constitutes further proof that countries which have left our calls for dialogue and cooperation unanswered, are still pursuing vain hopes. It also demonstrates the rightfulness of our policies in the region”, Aksoy points out.

“We will resolutely continue to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both Turkey and ‘TRNC’ in the Eastern Mediterranean”, concludes the statement of the spokesman of Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The Energy Ministers of Egypt, Greece, Israel, Cyprus and Palestine signed the charter of the establishment of the East Med Gas Forum on Thursday in Cairo./ibna