Turkish Foreign Minister Responds to US: “We do not recognize Cyprus’ EEZ”

Turkish Foreign Minister Responds to US: “We do not recognize Cyprus’ EEZ”

“Third countries should not act as judges”

Ankara replies to the US and says the State Department’s announcement “has nothing to do with real events” and calls on Washington not to interfere with developments as a third country.

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry says that “in 2004, Turkey has made its position on the continental shelf clear”.

Ankara states that “as of this date, the EEZ agreements that the Greek Cypriot administration has with the neighboring countries do not apply to Turkish Cypriots. At the same time, it has been reported that an agreement violates the rights of the continental shelf of our country and this has been reported to the international community. Turkey has also announced its continental shelf to the international community and has recorded it in the United Nations”.

Turkey responds to the US and states that “when these conditions prevail, it is unacceptable for third countries to act like international courts and to try to determine the crossing point of the maritime borders. In this context, the US callout is unacceptable under international law and its attitude is not creative, as the calls to Turkey are about an area that the Greek Cypriots declare to have rights to, even though there is no agreement regarding the definition of regions.

Our research vessels and drilling rigs will resolutely pursue their explorations in the areas that our government gave in 2009 and 2012 to the Turkish Petroleum Company.

In the same way that Greek Cypriots do not include Turkish Cypriots, who are equal partners, in the decision-making mechanisms for the hydrocarbon resources and do not end the unilateral hydrocarbon explorations, Turkey will continue to defend the rights of Turkish Cypriots as well as the rights of it’s continental shelf”./ibna