Turkish Cypriots bring back the issue of the opening of Famagusta with a new… study

Turkish Cypriots bring back the issue of the opening of Famagusta with a new… study

The revelation was made by Turkish Cypriot “Foreign Minister” Kudret Ozersay

By Michalis Michael

The Turkish Cypriot side is attempting to stir things up in the Cyprus problem, in addition to the issue that has come to light and concerns the illegal activities and drilling of Turkey in the Cypriot EEZ. As it was made known on Tuesday evening, the Turkish Cypriot side is preparing to bring the issue of Famagusta on the forefront once again, a card they have played many times in the past.

According to Turkish Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay, a group of experts will undertake a study on Famagusta. While Turkish media say that the Turkish-Cypriot side is proceeding with the annexation of Famagusta in consultation with Ankara, it has not been confirmed by the Turkish side in Cyprus.

More specifically, Kudret Ozersay reportedly said: “The ministry of the pseudo-state has today approved the appointment of a group of experts to conduct a study in the enclosed town of Famagusta”. Ozersay spoke of steps taken by the pseudo-state step towards the opening of Famagusta, and that this study will take into account the rights of property owners, which will be treated impartially. “The so called “Cabinet” will assess the terms of action in Varosha, which are a legitimate military zone of the TRNC,” Ozersay said.

What about the opening of the city

The opening of Famagusta as an issue, as already mentioned, is not the first time it makes the headlines of Cypriot news. The Greek Cypriot side has attempted its opening – has studies on how a city like Famagusta can become viable and habitable after nearly 50 years, and the UN has not been negative about the idea.

At the same time, with the passage of time Famagusta was often included in the MOE between the two sides. However, no practical move has taken place, as the Turkish Cypriot side insists on a key point, which is for Famagusta to be opened by Turkish Cypriot administration, something that cannot be accepted by the Greek Cypriot side.

If this step is actually being taken by the Cypriot side, the final status of the city should be clarified, in order to be made clear whether the Greek Cypriot side is ready to contribute financially to the reconstruction of the city. However, at the same time, no one can prevent Ammolitians from returning to their city, something they have already said they want to do. Even under Turkish Cypriot administration? This is a question that remains to be answered if and when all of the above is done.

However, the Cypriot side is aware how upsetting the issue is for the Cyprus Republic, and that is why the time it chose to reopen the issue cannot be considered accidental. Relevant political sources had reported in the past that in essence, although they can not forbid any refugee to return, and no appeal has ever been barred either to the Compensation Committee or the ECHR, “the return that the Turkish Cypriot leadership is evangelizing is under Turkish occupation and not Turkish Cypriot administration”.

In any case, in order to reopen the city, it will take six years and many billions euros./ibna