Turkish Aselsan sees potential in SE Asian market

Turkish Aselsan sees potential in SE Asian market

The defence giant of Turkey, Aselsan, participates in a defence and security exhibition in Thailand, eyeing the south-east Asian market up.

Aselsan’s Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kaval, himself in Bangkok right now due to the ongoing event, told Anadolu Agency that “several Turkish defense industry firms were participating in the event, given the fact that the region offers huge potential.

Thailand is a big country and has much needs like Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

When we look at defence expenditures, it is predicted that most of the increase will be from this region.”

This period finds Aselsan trying to sell its products there and close new cooperative deals. As of lately, there is also the Aselsan Malaysia company.

Indonesia, as mentioned before is among the countries where the Turkish giant would wish to expand in.

Turkey’s Aselsan is experienced when it comes to doing business abroad since this has been achieved in Kazakhstan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Hopefully, it will be the case in SE Asia, too…/IBNA