Turkish Armed Forces had warned the Gov’t, says former General

Turkish Armed Forces had warned the Gov’t, says former General

Controversy has erupted between Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and former Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Hilmi Özkök, regarding Fethullah Gülen and his order Hizmet, which the Turkish government calls Fetö terrorist organization.

Özkök was called to the Parliament committee, which investigates Fetö and the penetration of its members in the armed forces. The former General clarified that he and the armed forces in 2004 had warned of the Government of Gülen.

This statement angered the Turkish Prime Minister who said: “when did you notify us. At the then report there is reference that we should monitor the activities of the orders of Nur kaı Hizmet”. Since when the guilds have become terrorist organizations. For us, the red line is when they started their terrorists action, and this is on December 17 (2013).

Özkök was referring to the 2004 National Security Council decision, which had also been signed by Erdogan who was prime minister at the time, which warned the government for the action of Hizmet. The Turkish generals since the 90s had targeted the Hizmet order and its schools, as they were suspecting it for its action against secularism. That is why Gülen fled the US in 1999.

Yıldırım says the Turkish government considers this order to be a terrorist organization since December 17, 2013, when illegal wiretaps of Erdogan had been leaked, as well as evidence against some of his ministers for possible corruption./IBNA