Turkish Armed Forces denie rumors of a coup

Turkish Armed Forces denie rumors of a coup

Ankara, April 1, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

Erdogan met with Biden in the US

An Erdogan-Obama meeting is expected

Terrorist attack in Diyarbakir

The statement of the Turkish General Staff has denied the information that spoke of a coup against Recep Tayyip Erdogan by officers affiliated to the “Hizmet” movement of Fethullah Gulen. The Turkish president since Wednesday has been in the US and is expected to return on Sunday.

“The discipline, absolute obedience and hierarchy are the basis of the Turkish Armed Forces. There is no question of tolerance in any unlawful outside the hierarchy structure or practice”, says the written statement of the Turkish army.

The communication does not provide details on press reports, but there is indication that “legal proceedings have started against those who publish news and comments that spew these allegations”.

In recent days in Turkey there have been reports, mainly in the pro-government press, that officers affiliated with Gulen may move against the government of Erdogan and Davutoglu.

Last week, Newsweek magazine had published an article entitled “will there be a coup against Erdogan in Turkey?”, which was signed by the investigator and former official of the US Department of Defence, Michael Rubin.

In Turkey, the army made three coups, on May 27, 1960, on March 12, 1971 and September 12, 1980. Also on February 28, 1997 it forced the Islamist Prime minister Necmettin Erbakan to resign.

Erdogan in the US

Opposition Press “In USA he was welcomed by a corporal”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in the US to participate in the International Conference on Nuclear Safety. Political analysts believe that there is a coldness on the part of the Americans towards him because of disagreement of Washington in Ankara’s policy on the issue of Syria and the issues of freedom of the Press.

The Turkish newspaper Sözcü says that no US official welcomed Erdogan at Washington airport, besides a corporal and ministers of the Turkish government. Anadolu agency in its telegram only mentions his ministers.

Warm hug from Biden

Warm was however the reception of US Vice President Joe Biden at his meeting with Erdogan.

Photographers recorded the warm embrace of Biden to Erdogan and the two men apart from the issues they disagree, appear to have also discussed the possibility of an Erdogan-Obama meeting, which unofficial sources said that will take place on Thursday evening (US time).

On Wednesday evening the Turkish president had one hour meeting with US Foreign Secretary John Kerry.