Turkish Airforce has more aircrafts than pilots

Turkish Airforce has more aircrafts than pilots

New wave of arrest, among them Generals of the Air Force

The Turkish Armed Forces are facing a major challenge from the thousands of arrests and removals officers on charges of relations with the Islamic order of Fethullah Gulen, which Ankara haw branded FETÖ terrorist organisation.

Specifically, on Friday in the fourth wave of arrests, in the Turkish Air Force were arrested 73 Turkish pilots. Most of them were pilots of fighter F-16. All of them are being accused of having affiliations with Gulen or for participation in the attempted coup.

The newspaper Vatan reports that since July 15 the number of the Turkish air force pilots dropped from 675 to just 321 pilots. Among those arrested are 7 Generals from the 10 air bases! The Aircraft pilots ratio has fallen to 0.8, while in order for an Air Force to work properly this ratio should be at least 1.5. That is 1.5 pilots to every aircraft. Currently, the Turkish Air Force has fewer pilots than aircrafts!

According to reports in the Turkish press, it is already considered the possibility of the transfer of pilots who work in the private sector, but because they receive high salaries, the difference of their salary will be covered by the State.

At the same time, ghere are thoughs of increasing the age limit of new pilots from 25 years to 32, in order to increase the chances of finding experienced pilots!/IBNA