Turkey: Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister invites Turkish companies to participate in new projects

Turkey: Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister invites Turkish companies to participate in new projects

In an interview with Anadolu Agency on Monday, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Kryklii invited Turkish companies to participate in new infrastructure projects to be launched in Ukraine.

“I hope that Turkish companies will be involved in projects in Azov and elsewhere”, Vladyslav said, adding that he hoped Turkish companies would contribute to Ukraine’s infrastructure, not only in road construction but also in other sectors.

Stressing the importance of “mutually beneficial and constructive” relations between Ukraine and Turkey, he said they expect Turkish companies to participate not only in state-funded projects but also in public-private partnership projects.

The Ukrainian Minister noted that the Ukrainian government created more than 4,000 kilometers of highways in 2020 as part of the ongoing “Big Construction” project in the country.

“We will soon start two more interesting projects. The first is the concession tender for the railway stations and the second is a road project with the World Bank in a public-private partnership. We expect the participation of Turkish companies”, Vladyslav Kryklii said.

“Do not hesitate to come to Ukraine to open offices”, he added.

Stressing that Turkey and Ukraine should develop their relations in the fields of investment, infrastructure and trade, he noted that “we can develop joint projects and export them to other countries”.

He stressed that Turkish Airlines (THY) has one of the most active and extensive fleets in Ukraine, adding that if the issue of the transit vehicle license is resolved, it will positively affect the commercial and transport corridors.

Turkey is promoting a strategic partnership with Ukraine, which is being built from 2018, culminating in the Erdogan-Zelinskiy meeting on October 16, 2020 in Istanbul, where new agreements were signed in the framework of Turkey’s close defence ties with Ukraine.

During the signing ceremony, Erdogan stressed: “Turkey sees Ukraine as a key country for building stability, security, peace and prosperity in the region”. Responding, the Ukrainian President noted that the agreements paved the way for “new opportunities”. Cooperation in the defense sector, he added, is “important for the development of our strategic partnership”. Prospects for this include energy cooperation./ibna