Turkey: Some Western countries put interest above compassion, Şentop says

Turkey: Some Western countries put interest above compassion, Şentop says

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop called on the nations to pay attention to the humanitarian and conscientious dimension of migration, during the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments held by teleconference.

Some Western countries have kept refugees outside their borders contrary to their own values ​​and international agreements, the speaker of the Turkish parliament said on Wednesday.

“Some European countries have closed their doors to the Syrians, built new borders and put barbed wire at the borders, contradicting their values ​​and violating international agreements to which they are parties”, Mustafa Şentop said.

Speaking during a debate on “Human Mobility for a Better Life: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions”, Şentop said that some countries look at immigration only in terms of their security and interests and ignore the humanitarian and conscientious dimension.

“This situation fuels the problems refugees are facing, such as xenophobia and anti-immigrant perceptions in society”.

He said immigration should not be used as material for populist reasons of domestic politics.

Şentop stressed that wars, foreign interventions and internal conflicts cause millions of people to flee their homelands each year.

He went on to say that these people have escaped problems such as instability, hunger and poverty and are struggling to survive, adding that the number of these people is very likely to increase with the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly recalled that as a result of the civil war in neighboring Syria, which caused the largest migration crisis and displaced about 12 million people, Turkey now hosts nearly 4 million Syrian refugees and provides them with shelter, food, education, “without separating them from its own citizens”.

Noting that the international community has not been able to show enough solidarity in this humanitarian crisis, Şentop said that some European countries boasting about their economic prosperity have turned their backs on people who have been forced to emigrate.

“As Turkey, we have embraced people of all faiths, languages ​​and ethnic backgrounds without discrimination”, he added./ibna