Turkey shows off on Cyprus’ open waters

Turkey shows off on Cyprus’ open waters

With photographs of drills and Barbaros, what Cavusoglu says

Michalis Michael

Turkey deals with its own activity within the Cypriot EEZ as an act of showing off. Through official government accounts and with officials continuing the rhetoric that drillings have begun and will not stop, photographs of rigs and research vessels have been published; and this despite the “casualties”, after, as we reported yesterday, the Dutch support ships have bailed out of Yavuz’s escort.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister gave a press conference after meeting with the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and the MIT chief Hakan Fidan. Mevlout Cavusoglu pointed out that it is Turkey’s sovereign right to conduct drilling on its continental shelf. “Basically, I do not want to comment on the drillings that Turkey continues to conduct on its continental shelf. It is a sovereign right of Turkey. Therefore, no country and no international organization has the right to comment on this issue. What Turkey does or what it wants to do on its continental shelf, it is the country’s decision, and everyone should respect it,” he stated. Mevlout Cavusoglu again called Cyprus to guarantee the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people.

“Everyone admits that the Turkish Cypriots have rights. When we ask Anastasiades why he doesn’t provide guarantee for them, he answers that right now I cannot do it.’ When will he do it? If you plan on doing it when you start selling, is there really any assurance that you will actually do it?”, the Turkish Foreign Minister wondered.

Aiming to take measures against Turkey in the FAC, the debate in Coreper will continue tomorrow

With a plan to issue a communiqué on measures against Turkey in the Foreign Affairs Council, the Member States representatives’ talks continue tomorrow at Coreper. According to a diplomatic source informed by the CNA, during today’s delegation meeting no result was expected to be found, as diplomats did not have a draft text to discuss on. Therefore, the same source continues, no unanimity or agreement issue in general has been raised today, but rather out of the process the debate has been scheduled to be continued tomorrow. The same source explained that tomorrow the K-M diplomats will attempt to make a statement, which will be realized by the Foreign Ministers on Monday (FD).

According to FAC’s official agenda, “the Foreign Affairs Council will start with a debate on current affairs, allowing ministers to examine pressing issues on an international level, and this may include the situation in Sudan, Ethiopia and Venezuela, while Ministers can also deal with Turkey’s current illegal drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean,” a written statement said. The High Representative will inform the ministers of the EU-Ukraine Summit on 8 July and of the EU-G5 ministerial meeting. ”

The Foreign Ministers will then discuss the issue of Iran, in the light of recent developments on the Iranian nuclear agreement, JCPOA. The discussion comes after the Joint Committee meeting on 28 June and Tehran’s recent announcements on JCPOA.

The Council will also discuss and extract conclusions on Iraq and will reflect on the situation that has occurred after the parliamentary elections one year ago, in view of growing regional tensions. The Council will then discuss the situation in the Central African Republic, examining how the EU could further strengthen its support towards the country, as a result of increasing violence. The High Representative is expected to visit Bangui before the Council, and she will report on her stay.

Finally, Foreign Ministers will discuss migration, focusing on the issue’s external aspects, and during lunch they will exchange views with the Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicolao Popescu./ibna