“Turkey should make moves on the Cyprus issue so that it can be given a boost to its European course” – Cyprus Government Spokesperson

“Turkey should make moves on the Cyprus issue so that it can be given a boost to its European course” – Cyprus Government Spokesperson

Turkey should be very specific in the matter of security and guarantees, so that the possibility of impetus and strengthening of its European perspective can be considered, said the Government Spokesman, Nikos Christodoulides.

In his statements to the journalists, after the end of the National Council meeting, which was attended by the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, the Government spokesman said that “on behalf of the members of the National Council, I also express publicly their gratitude to the Greek Government and the Greek Foreign Minister for the support he offered to the President of the Republic during the Crans Montana Process for the Cyprus Conference.

This is the main message from today’s meeting following the briefing by the Greek Foreign Minister on everything that took place in Switzerland.

Beyond that, Mr Kotzias is currently in talks with Mr. Kasoulides, during which very concrete measures for the further development of the Cyprus issue will be discussed. For all this, a first discussion took place at the meeting of the President of the Republic with Mr Kotzias, which preceded the meeting of the National Council.

I also mentioned that the President had a 20-minute telephone conversation with the Chancellor of Germany, during which he briefed her in detail on everything that was done in Crans Montana, how we see the continuation of the effort, the processes at European level in relation to the Euro-Turkish issues.

These communications with heads of state and government, with presidents of the EU institutions, will continue in the coming days”.

Asked if Nicosia is ready to ask for a resumption of negotiations, the Spokesperson said that “we are in principle ready to resume talks when those conditions are created that will lead to a positive outcome. We did not reach a positive result in Crans Montana for a very specific reason: Turkey’s stance on security and guarantees, which had nothing to do with the context set by the UN Secretary-General on this issue.

Beyond that, what emerges in relation to the Euro-Turkish relations is that Turkey should make moves on the Cyprus issue so that it can be given a boost to its European course and not the other way around, that is to say, to give Turkey incentives regarding its European Perspective, to make concessions on the Cyprus issue. This is clear from the President’s talks that are being held these days, but also before, even before the conference in Switzerland”.

Asked how these moves should be made by Turkey on the Cypriot issue to see if they are really moves and not just rhetoric, the Spokesman replied: “through the concrete proposals of Turkey that can not be the ones that have been heard in Crans Montana. Those that have been heard at the Cyprus Conference can not lead to a solution to the Cyprus problem. Turkey, therefore, should be very specific in this matter of security and guarantees so that the possibility of an impetus and strengthening its European perspective can be considered”.

Asked if this could be made public by a Turkish statement or when the negotiations are resumed, the spokesman said that “when Turkey is ready to change the positions it has put forward in Crans Montana. There is nothing at this moment; you realize that a review of the situation is being made. The first and most important thing is to give a full picture of everything that happened in Switzerland, and more specifically what was the thing that did not allow us to have a positive result, and then we will see how the prospects are created in order to be able to resume a debate that will have positive results. But taking into account the reason that we did not have any results in Crans Montana, this will depend exclusively on Turkey”.

Invited to comment on the release of a new illegal navtex on behalf of Turkey, the spokesman said “it is Ankara’s precious tactic as we have been experiencing it for many years since 2011 when more specific activities of the Republic of Cyprus began within its EEZ. Immediately after the adoption of the directive for seafarers, we have proceeded with the adoption of a directive that invalidates what Turkey has attempted to do. At the same time, we have already taken action at diplomatic level.

We continue to have the same approach. We will not do a favour to Turkey to create a crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean at a public level, something that does not exist. Our energy plans, particularly in plot 11, continue without any problem, and our approach is summed up in severity, composure and in short words”./IBNA