Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet. Tension dangerously high

Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet. Tension dangerously high


Rumors of a religious wedding and a sex tape between Erdogan and the former Miss Turkey. She denies everything and prepares to sue.

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

It seems that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to export the internal crisis that is going on in Turkey at the moment by causing a sudden crisis with Syria.

Turkish F-16 have shot down a Syrian fighter jet near the border, in a territory where the Syrian Armed Forces are fighting with the rebels for control of a border pass.

The jet was shot down near the border  pass between Antioch and Latakia.

According to Ankara the Syrian aircraft violated the Turkish airspace. Damascus however, stated that there was no violation and that the jet was shot down by Turkish fighter jets while it was targeting rebels within the Syrian airspace.

What is impressive is that the Turkish prime minister referred to the shooting down during one of his supporter’s rally saying: “a Syrian plane violated our airspace. Our F-16s took off and hit this plane. Why? because if you violate my airspace, our slap after this will be hard”.

Unconfirmed information state that the pilot managed to eject.

Islamist rebels issue ultimatum to Ankara!

Tension in the area is high after the ultimatum issued by the Islamist rebels to Turkey. Islamist terrorists give Ankara until Tuesday to lower the turkish flag and withdraw the 25 soldiers from the tomb of Shah Suleiman, which is located in Syria. If Ankara does not conform they threaten to invade the area. The tomb is considered turkish ground of great historical significance.

After hearing of the ultimatum, Turkish commandos and fighter jets have been put on a state of alert, ready to intervene if needed.

In Ankara people speak of an attempt from Erdogan to “take advantage of the crisis” in sight of the public elections on March 30, by raising the nationalist tones to divert discussions away from the corruption scandals, the ban on Twitter, etc. No one can exclude a hot episode within Syrian territory in the following days.

Erdogan “threatens” Gul with sound documents, while the Turkish President continues to oppose the ban on Twitter.

In his speech in Ankara, Erdogan indirectly threatened Gul stating that “the parastate (Gulen’s order) after the members of the government, it might turn against the President and publish sound documents against him. They know no limits”. This mention by Erdogan is troubling.

Gul however, in a polite manner gave an unusually hard response to Erdogan. “These [wiretapping practices] are illegal and those responsible will be tried under the law. I can’t say for sure that my lines haven’t been tapped, but I don’t have any worries about voice recordings emerging”.

In regard to the ban on Twitter, the Turkish President pointed out that “one cannot approve of the complete closure of social media platforms”.

After the ban on Twitter, the Turkish prime minister threatens to block the access of the Turkish citizens to Facebook and YouTube.

He stated that “Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are institutions that have shaken families. They allow the circulation of montage; lies. I cannot understand how logical people still support YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. One can find every kind of lie in them”.

A religious wedding between Erdogan and the former Miss Turkey?

Rumors for the existence of a sex tape.

It might be that one of the things that scare the Turkish prime minister is the rumor that is going around in Turkey regarding his personal life.

The government friendly newspaper Yeni Akit reports that “sites that belong to Gulen are spreading rumors of a religious wedding between Erdogan and the former Miss Turkey and current news anchor, Defne Samyeli.

This specific type of wedding in Islam is called (Mut’ a) and refers to a limited time period, for which the woman is compensated and applies to cases of people who travel frequently. In the Turkish republic however, only the political wedding is valid.

Samyeli has refuted all the rumors and stated that she will resort to justice. The newspapers and the main opposition did not bother too much with these rumors, since on a daily basis new rumors surface with no one able to know of their validity, unless they are posted on the internet.

Samyeli is close with the Turkish prime minister’s wife, Emine, and has recently taken part to events organised by AKP. This year she is hosting a news show in the government friendly television network Ahaber, while for many years she had been the main news anchor of “Show tv” television network’s main newscast.

The former Miss Turkey has had an episodic divorce with her architect former husband, a year ago and is now engaged and ready to get married in the summer with the son of the politician Hüsamettin Özkan.

“They are preparing silicon masks to ‘hurt’ Erdogan”

The government friendly newspaper Star, trying to stay one step ahead of any video leakage, “revealed” that “the US have the means to create faces that look like real people using silicon masks, in order to create trouble” and used examples from Hollywood movies.  Star writes that “if in the future videos are leaked, they will most probably have been prepared using this method”.

What Erdogan had stated in regard to sex tapes

The former president of the Republican People’s party, Deniz Baikal, had forced to resign after the leakage of a video showing himself and his secretary in sexual scenes.

Erdogan had stated at the time that “this video is not considered personal data, since it is not an erotic relation with your wife. This is a public video and you should be careful what you produce with your hips”.