Turkey rejects European Parliament Resolution on Varosha situation

Turkey rejects European Parliament Resolution on Varosha situation

Ankara rejected a European Parliament resolution on the situation in Varosha with the country failing to comply with UN Security Council Resolutions 500 and 2483 on the Cyprus issue, launching a fierce attack on the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said: “We totally reject the non-binding recommendatory resolution adopted by the European Parliament (EP) at the Plenary Session on 26 November 2020 regarding Turkey and the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (‘TRNC’).

We fully support the statement made by the TRNC Presidency this evening on this issue.”

At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry unleashed a full-fledged attack against the Republic of Cyprus, accusing it in its announcement of pulling the strings: “The resolution, which was undoubtedly dictated by the Greek Cypriot Administration, revealed once again the extent the EP was prejudiced and disconnected from the realities on the Cyprus issue. If this approach and mentality are maintained, it would not be possible for the EU bodies to make a constructive contribution to the settlement of the Cyprus issue.” Aksoy said.

Once again heralding the change of pace in the settlement on the Cyprus issue, the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on “the EP and the EU to face the realities on the Cyprus Island, to take into account the existence of the Turkish Cypriot people and to fulfill the commitments made by the EU to the Turkish Cypriots in April 2004.

Turkey will continue to resolutely protect both her own rights and those of the Turkish Cypriots, without bowing to any threat and blackmail, and maintain her dialogue and negotiation efforts.” Aksoy said in a statement. /ibna